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What to do if you find a badger in distress

Phone for help immediately if you find:

  •    a sick or injured badger;

  •    a snared badger;

  •    a trapped badger;

  •   or a badger distressed in any other way.

Do not attempt to touch the badger or resolve the situation yourself in the first instance.  Prioritise your own and other people's safety at all times. 

If possible (and it is safe to do so), stay with the badger until help arrives. 

Contact numbers for badger emergencies:

RSPCA 24 hour emergency call outs            0300 1234 999

Leatherhead Wildlife Aid (24 hour)               09061 800132

Tiggywinkles (24 hour Wildlife Rescue)       01844 292292

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue                       01344 623106


For roadside assistance, please also call the Police on 999 or 101

If the badger is in Berkshire, please also call us on 0844 804 1146

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you think a wildlife crime is being committed and is currently in process, e.g. badger baiting, do not draw attention to yourself, please leave the area at once and contact the police on 999 immediately with as much detail as possible. Please ensure you get a Crime Reference Number. 

Do not engage with the perpetrators yourself.  They are likely to be very violent people and may be armed and/or accompanied by aggressive fighting dogs. 

Please email us afterwards on with relevant details and the CRN so that we can follow up. 

If you think an incident has occurred in the past (e.g. a sett has been blocked), please complete our sett interference form with details and include the police incident number if you have one.    

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