Helping Berkshire's badgers

Whilst some of our work has more long-term benefits, such as raising awareness, there are many ways in which we can help badgers on an immediate or short-term basis:

Report wildlife crime

  • We report crimes to the police and Badger Trust;

  • We challenge developers and property owners on inappropriate actions and seek to educate them on badgers and the law;

  • We liaise with Councils and others to ensure that construction work is carried out legally.

Monitor planning applications

  • We regularly review the Councils’ planning websites, raising objections as appropriate;

  • We liaise with Ecology Officers at some of Berkshire’s Councils and provide input on Local Development Plans;

  • We support the work of other local environmental groups looking to enhance open areas for wildlife, including badgers.


  • We seek to rescue injured badgers;

  • We move dead badgers out of sight, if possible;

  • We collate records of RTAs, using data to lobby Councils for mitigation measures;

  • Where a lactating sow is reported, we visit the area as soon as possible to seek the home sett and identify whether there are orphaned cubs.

Climate change

  • We operate a Sett Guardian scheme at BBG who keep an eye on their nominated setts year-round and put out water and/or suitable food during difficult spells.

  • Also, in times of extreme weather, be it cold or drought, we ask all members local to setts to undertake supplementary feeding or the provision of water. 

Wounded Badger Patrol

If the badger cull comes to Berkshire, we will run Wounded Badger Patrols. These:

  • are a legal form of protest;

  • enable us to support badgers and get help for wounded animals;

  • enable us to spot and report illegal sett interference that can increase during the cull;

  • enable us to monitor and report any infringements of cull guidelines.

Bix - a cub rescued by the Group.  Having fed & played, he dropped off to sleep, giving us the chance to pop him in the scales!