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We all understand how important it is for children to have an appreciation for the wonders of the natural world, both for their own well-being and for that of the wildlife and environment around us.    At BBG, badgers are our particular passion but, as an easily recognisable, iconic and much-loved species with an important role in Britain's ecosystem, they also are a key mammal for children to get to know.

To this end, we have teamed up with Professor Brock to start developing a suite of lesson plans, badger fact sheets, games and activities that incorporate learning about badgers in amongst curriculum topics.  This is work in progress and we will continue adding further resources but, since some of the activities may be fun for those stuck at home, we're making the first ones available now! 

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Activities and lesson plans suitable for Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2-5.png

Activities and lesson plans suitable for Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3-8.png

Activities and lesson plans suitable for Key Stage 3


Professor Brock's fun stuff

A selection of quick puzzles and activities to provide some learning through fun.  Great to do at home or at school. 

Professor Brock's badger


Where does a badger live? What do they eat?  How do they communicate?   Prof Brock's range of infographics aim to answer these questions & more. 

Professor Brock's whole school activities

Why not bring your badger studies together with whole school events? From fundraising, to assemblies, to exercise and simple fun, you'll find useful ideas here.

We would love schools to bring badgers into the classroom (metaphorically, of course!) and we are happy to offer a wide range of support, designed to deliver learning, using only your existing resources:

  • If you simply want to include badgers in your current Schemes of Work, you’ll find a range of activities and worksheets on the Key Stage pages below;

  • If you’d like something a little more personal, we can visit your school to talk with children or give an assembly;

  • We also offer a tailored service to help you deliver your very own ‘Badger Day’, incorporating badgers into whole school activities as well as a range of curriculum topics.  We know from experience how much the children enjoy and learn from such days!​

Our education programme will offer:

  • free lesson plans and resources, designed by teachers for teachers;

  • varied curriculum coverage including English, Science and Maths;

  • extended learning on one of our most recognisable, iconic and much-loved species;

  • activities designed to foster pupils’ personal development, including British Values;

  • enrichment opportunities;

  • whole-school community activities;

  • opportunities for engagement with a local charity, beyond the school gates.

If you’d like to chat about any aspect of our education programme, please drop us a line at badgers@binfieldbadgers.org.uk.

Although our activities are primarily intended for schools, we also give presentations to youth groups, such as Brownies, Scouts and so forth. To request a talk, please contact us at badgers@binfieldbadgers.org.uk.

Our county's badgers are counting on YOU!

Binfield Badger Group is affiliated to the Badger Trust.

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