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Berkshire Brockcasting Clips - some of our recent favourites!

Trailcams offer an intimate and revealing view into the nocturnal lives of Berkshire's badgers and allow us to get to know the members of our local clan as individuals.   Big Boar (known as 'BB') and Little Star have been our breeding boar and sow since 2018, bearing 2 cubs each year.  Our lockdown cubs from 2020, Brow and Nobrow, are still resident at the sett in 2021.  Far from maturing, they are often seen playing with the new 2021 cubs (yet to be named - any suggestions?).  


We've selected a range of our most entertaining and informative clips and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Badger cubs

Who can resist the antics of badger cubs!

cleaning 4.jpg

Badgers chilling

Enchanting clips of these underground nocturnal mammals taking a break from foraging 



The sight of a badger grooming is sure to bring a smile to your face

Badger (Meles meles) wild, native badger emerging from the badger sett with muddy nose and

The badger's sett

No, we don't have a camera inside a sett but we can still observe much badger behaviour around the sett entrance. 

Badger in the forest, animal in nature h

Eating & Foraging

Badgers are known as opportunistic omnivores - but earthworms are their favourite food!

Badger in forest, animal in nature habit

Scent/squat marking

Smell is core to badger communication.  Scent and squat marking are visual manifestations of this.

Spring diary 2020

Our trail cams captured the story of the comings and goings at the Copse, Binfield, during Lockdown 1!

One night in Binfield

We have a happy clan in Binfield!  Sit back & watch their antics from just one June night.

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