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Whilst we can try to help individual setts, there remains the wider problem of massive habitat loss across Berkshire and, indeed, the whole country. And, of course, it impacts not just Mr Badger, but also Ratty, Mole, Toad and all our wildlife, as beautifully illustrated in this delightful 'Wind in the Willows' trailer, courtesy of The Wildlife Trust. 

Across Berkshire, new buildings are appearing each week, whether it’s infill in a previously large garden or a new estate on virgin field.  And with this comes the need for new roads also. 

Central Government’s demands for ever more house-building seem unlikely to abate at any point soon, mandating that our local Councils build 100s of new homes each year.   

Furthermore, Highways England has brought Smart Motorways to Berkshire’s M4, affecting the badgers within its compass.

Even town centre improvements, such as the Maidenhead Waterways scheme, have also had implications for our local brocks.

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What you can do:


  • if you become aware of any building plans that you believe may impact badgers or the land where they forage, please let us know at;

  • write to Councils objecting to plans that adversely affect badgers;

  • volunteer with other local groups to help manage local amenity woodland;

  • join the Wildlife Trust's WilderFuture campaign.

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What we do:


  • We liaise with Ecology Officers at some of Berkshire’s Councils and provide input on Local Development Plans;

  • we regularly review planning applications on the Councils’ websites, identifying large developments where badgers are impacted, either through direct threat to their setts or through the loss of foraging. We then submit written objections or recommend mitigations for the Planning Panel to consider and support these by appearing in person if required;

  • we organise sett surveying to cover areas of potential development;

  • we support the work of other local environmental groups looking to enhance open areas for wildlife.

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