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People & badgers

Watching badgers

We manage a Local Nature Reserve in Binfield, which houses an active sett of suburban badgers. From our hide, with the aid of red spectrum lighting, lucky visitors can see badgers going about their normal business just a few metres away.


Members can book a watch (maximum two visitors) by emailing   Please bear in mind that watching badgers requires quiet, patience and the ability to sit still for a long time.  Timings will vary through the year but we normally aim to be in the hide an hour or so before dusk. These are wild badgers and we cannot guarantee a sighting every time but our success rate is pretty good!

Talking about badgers

We hold two BBG general meetings a year, open to members and non-members alike, bringing people up to date on issues significant for Berkshire's badgers. Come along and meet us!

We also deliver talks to a wide variety of Berkshire groups, telling people about badgers’ extraordinary lives and allaying some of the myths and concerns that people have. If you’d like to request a talk, please contact us at

We’re also found at events of all shapes and sizes across the county.  We can talk badgers all day long and it's fabulous to hear how many folk also treasure brocks!  If you'd like to chat with us, check out our calendar! And if you know of a local event that would like to have us there, do drop us a line at 

We also talk about badgers in print.  Our newsletter is produced four times a year, detailing local, national and sometimes international, news on badgers. Check out the latest and current copies on this site. You might even see some of our views in the local newspapers!

Living with badgers

Badgers have had to adapt as we take over ever more of their natural habitat. This can result in the magic of a badger visiting your garden.  We know many of you treasure these sightings! However, these visits can also be unwanted. Normally, such intrusions can be dealt with easily by the introduction of badger-proof fencing, leaving home-owners happy to have brocks as their near neighbours in local woodland.

If you have any queries about badgers in your garden, please see our 'Badgers in Gardens' advice sheet or contact us on

Helping others to help badgers

We work with other local environmental groups, such as The Conservation Volunteers in Reading or those protecting Battlemead in Maidenhead, to promote the well-being of badgers in our area.


Outside Berkshire, we support a range of other activities, with group members attending marches and Wounded Badger Patrols and carrying out vaccination work in nearby counties. We also provide support to the National Badger Trust on a range of their initiatives.


Celebrating badgers

We’re proud to sponsor a monthly award for Basildon Badgers FC.  Congratulations to the monthly winners; we hope you’re all now confirmed badger fans!

basildon badgers football club
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