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Activity suggestions

If you are planning to hold a badger-themed day, you might want to include some whole school activities alongside the Professor Brock lessons.   You may well have your own brilliant ideas for this - and do please share with us if you do!   But here are a few of ours to give you inspiration to adapt to comply with Covid19 restrictions. 

Why not start the day with an assembly talking all things badger.  Use the video 'The Secret Life of Badgers' or we'd be very happy to come along to help with that if you'd like.  Alternatively, we can provide some slides for you to use yourselves. 

Mufti days can be great fun. You could encourage everyone to dress up in black and white and make a donation to the Binfield Badger Group for the pleasure of doing so! We'd be delighted to come along and act as judges.

Ask older KS2 pupils who have been shown badger videos to design and demonstrate a 'badgerobics' session for EYFS and KS1 pupils to do in assembly. It's a great way to get the whole school moving.

Badger cake sale or competition - pupils (and their parents!) could use their creative skills to bake some badger-themed cakes (other wildlife is acceptable!).

Here are a couple of examples sent in to us by badger lovers.  Send us your pictures if you try any badger-related cake.

You could hold competitions, for example, pupils could be asked to design road signs telling motorists to slow down in order to prevent collisions with Britain's wildlife.  Please send us any great examples - we'd love to share them.

If you're holding a badger day, you could round it off with pupils leafleting drivers at pick-up time, encouraging them to slow down for badgers. It's a great way to show your school engaging with British Values. If you'd like to do this, please contact us for leaflets.

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