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Love Berkshire's

Protecting badgers across Berkshire since 1985

Binfield Badger Group was formed in 1985 following a successful campaign to protect a sett in Binfield from development.   Development continues, as do other threats, and the Group has since evolved to protect badgers across the whole of Berkshire and to spread awareness about badgers to adults and children alike.


We know there are many people out there who treasure and love our wildlife and are passionate about protecting it.  We provide a framework to bring such people together in Berkshire and enable them to act effectively to help our precious brocks and have fun with like-minded people along the way. 

European badger, Meles meles, in snowy forest. Cute badger peeks out from behind mossy stu
Christmas public meeting!

Come along for some badger-y Christmas cheer on Thursday 14th December to Farley Wood Centre in Binfield!  Everyone welcome!

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