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Sett surveying

Sett surveying is crucial to our gaining knowledge and understanding of badger populations in Berkshire. You can read more about surveying, why we do it and what we're looking for here

We normally hold a group/training session on the FIRST Sunday of every month, walking footpaths in a pre-determined part of Berkshire, some months in the East, some months in the West.  We usually cover up to around five miles and may need to negotiate stiles, nettles and brambles along the way.   We’re a convivial group and there’s always a range of expertise present, so whether you’re a complete novice, or a badger expert, do come and join us.   Our monthly group sett surveying session is open to members and non-members alike.  


During the sessions, we will help you to find and interpret field signs of badgers and hopefully use them to find new setts.   Our survey sessions often become more general wildlife walks, with foxes, hare, deer and a host of butterflies, birds and wildflowers seen.   It is such a treat to share the excitement of such sightings with other like-minded folk and take the time out to re-connect with nature on our doorstep.   

Once you’ve built up your surveying skills, you can then also look for setts in your own area, sending in records to help build our knowledge and understanding of Berkshire’s badger populations.  We recommend surveying is always done with a minimum of 2 people for safety reasons.

If you’d like to come along to a group survey, please drop us a line at and we’ll send you an invitation to the next survey.  Note that surveys will be on a strict RSVP basis so we can plan for expected numbers.  

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