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Give badgers a voice

Standing up for badgers doesn’t necessarily mean getting muddy!    You can help them just as much by giving badgers a voice and that can be from the comfort of your living room!

Spread awareness

  • Badgers need friends!  Help us to recruit them by sharing social media posts from us, from the Badger Trust and, indeed, from any badger and wildlife groups.  There are some wonderful photos and videos being shared amongst the network of wildlife lovers.  Enjoy them and give others the opportunity to also. 


  • Most folk live in happy ignorance of the abhorrent cruelty faced by our wildlife so it’s just as important to share the more hard-hitting posts, unpleasant as they are to see, and encourage friends to do likewise. 


  • You can also spread awareness about badgers, be that a lovely story or photo, or a letter about the issues they face, by writing to your local newspaper.  Letters don’t need to be long.  Indeed, short and sweet is more likely to get good readership.  A great photo always helps though.  Please contact us if you don’t have one of your own.


  • ​Add your signature to any petitions you see in support of badgers.  We’ll try to feature any we're aware of on this website and on Facebook. 

  • Join Badger Trust campaigning including their marches against the cull.  We'll update this site when we know of one coming up.  It's much more visually impacting when the numbers are high at these marches and it helps to spread awareness as we all did at the Maidenhead march against the cull last Summer.


  • Write to your MP!  This is particularly relevant for Berkshire MPs with us being at risk of the badger cull. If you believe, as we do, that the cull is inhumane, unscientific, costly and simply ineffective, let your MP know.  MPs measure public opinion by the contents of their mailbag, so every letter, email or text can help.   Please see our page on the cull for our position. And click here for a template form for writing to your MP: 


  • Please respond to any Defra consultations relating to the badger cull.  It's important that Defra appreciates the continuing strength of feeling about how wrong the cull is – we must not allow culling to become the norm!  We will always email members when we are aware of a relevant consultation.


 We systematically review the planning portal on the five Council websites in Berkshire but this is a huge task and there is always the risk of a development with potential impact on badgers being overlooked.


  • If you are aware of a planning application near you that will affect a known badger territory (sett and/or foraging), please let us know by emailing

  • Write to Councils objecting to plans that adversely affect badgers.

Other ways you can help:

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