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At BBG, we’ve decided that, whilst the cycle of infection of bTB exists within cattle, badger vaccination has a place in protecting Berkshire's badgers against infection, minimising the already small risk to cattle and providing reassurance to farmers.  We are therefore reaching out to farmers and, if the response is positive,  plan to apply for a licence to vaccinate badgers from 2020.   Read more here about badger vaccination. 

This is an ambitious project and we will need your help if we are successful!


We will need:

  • people who can help with pre-baiting;

  • drivers who have access to a 4x4;

  • garage storage space for equipment;

  • people with fundraising expertise;

  • admin help and many more tasks!  


If you would like to be involved in this exciting project and would like to express interest in volunteering to help in any way please contact us at

We also need to raise significant funds to launch and maintain the project.  Please see our fundraising page for ways you can help us!  And, of course, any donations will be greatly appreciated - please let us know if a donation is intended for vaccination and we will make sure every penny is put aside for the project!

Badger vaccination
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