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Wounded Badger Patrol

Wounded Badger Patrols are a peaceful, legal, effective and well-established means of protesting against the cull and providing some support to our precious brocks during the Autumn cull period.   Many badger lives have thus been saved over the years in other counties.

Evening patrols involve being a visible presence, walking in small groups on public footpaths with hi viz jackets and torches.  Patrollers are asked to prioritise their own safety at all times.  Please note you will rarely see a badger given the amount of noise you’ll be making! No experience is necessary but you’ll need to be sufficiently mobile to negotiate stiles and walk a few miles.  Patrollers need to be at least 18 years old.

We were relieved Berkshire was not licensed for culling in 2019 but we thank all those who volunteered to support our Patrols in 2019 had they been necessary.  Thank you too to those who supported Wiltshire with us. 

Every year we will prepare to run Patrols as every year Berkshire remains at risk of the cull.  If you want to be added to our patroller mailing list for updates nearer the time, please email

Wounded Badger Patrol
Public footpath at night
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